Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Second Visit to Klingler's

Just two days ago we visited Klingler's on the Hot Dog Tour. Late that night I posted the previous entry; then last night my wife read the last few entries on the blog. Apparently when she read about our visit this past Friday she started thinking about Klingler's. So I wasn't really surprised when today after church she suggested going to lunch at Klingler's. We both enjoy eating there when we can.

They do a brisk business on Sundays due to many who like to come for their "Special Sunday Brunch". Mrs. Klingler was surprised to see us just two days after the tour visit. She greeted us warmly and thanked me for the good remarks about that visit. We also shared a laugh that I had commented about the attention we attracted.

Since I had just had the sausage platter two days ago, this time I looked to other entries on the menu. Take a look at their menus on their web site: Klingler's. There is no shortage of good choices, many of which are served with a side of their hot German potato salad, marinated slaw, or both. The sides and breads served at Klingler's are outstanding.

Now as for the Hot Dog Tour, I did observe that it's not just the guys who enjoy the sausage platters. An older gray-headed lady came in alone and sat at the table next to us. She is obviously a regular customer since she knew what she was going to order before she even looked at the menu. She immediately ordered the Bohemian Sausage Platter and seemed to really enjoy her diner.

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