Thursday, July 7, 2011

Surprised at Bistro Pro Vare

WOW, What a hot dog stand!!.

No, it's not really a hot dog stand, but it sure has good food.

This week Robert and I went to a familiar haunt and were surprised with a hot dog. A little over a year ago we would meet for lunch weekly at this place. Robert's younger daughter was in the culinary program at Jefferson State, at the Shelby County campus. Part of the curriculum there is for the students to work for at least one semester in their bistro. When working there each student takes several turns doing each of the different tasks involved in running a restaurant. The bistro is only open at lunch on weekdays during the semester. We found it to be a great place to eat lunch, dining on gourmet food. The menu varies daily since they include items they have been working on/learning recently.

Today we found on the menu something we had not seen before, a "black Angus beef hot dog". Of course hot dogs were not the plan for the day but as soon as we saw this on the menu we knew what our order would be.

Our dogs came with a side of truffle flavored fries and the usual bread basket. So how were they? Better than many. We did enjoy our dogs. They had a unique flavor which didn't surprise either of us; after all this is a culinary school. We kept trying to figure out the identity of the chopped pink plant matter on top. We finally asked and found out that it was marinated onion with a flavor somewhat reminiscent of bread and butter pickles. The dogs came with a light addition of mustard, pickle relish and marinated onion. Also provided were some purple onion and tomato slices as well as some ketchup.

I can't tell you how surprised we were by this offering. The menu always has a couple of fast food items on it such as a couple of different pizzas and a burger. But, the really interesting items are the entree's which can not be predicted. I have eaten some great food here in the last couple of years, including the best Italian dish I have ever eaten. I would recommend this to anyone. You probably won't get a hot dog; but you will most likely enjoy your lunch.

Reservations are suggested, although on this visit there were numerous empty tables. This is an upscale little bistro that is usually fun and good. The prices are very good and tipping is not allowed. To make a reservation call: (205) 983-5214. The location is the left hand end on the ground floor of the above pictured building right off of Valleydale Road.

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  1. Try the hot dog guy at Mazer's on the weekends before they close.