Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Points

A couple of weeks ago Five Points Hot Dogs hit the news when they reopened. If you missed it I talked about it here. This week we didn't just talk about it; we went there. Yes, we are ack on the hot dog trail.

As we approached the Five Points South area we wondered how hard it might be to find a parking space, but it wasn't hard at all. We found more than one empty space on the street very close. Then we also saw that Raymond's Five Points Market and Five Points Hot Dogs have their own parking right in front. They seem to do a good job of keeping an eye on the lot to keep the spaces available for their customers. This became evident before we even walked in the door. We paused outside to take a few pictures and ended up with a picture of Raymond III standing in the window waving at us. (See below)

Then when inside as we prepared to order I took a picture of the menu and heard him comment; "You sure are taking alot of pictures."

So here we had another case of camera syndrome. That's what we call it when the camera attracts so much attention that we get questions. That's fine with us because we enjoy interacting with the management and owners. This week we were off to a good start. Both Raymond Jr. and Raymond III are nice outgoing guys who enjoy their business and their customers. They had a steady business, but not so much they couldn't talk. We heard about their business as well as their fondness for hot dogs.We also discovered a connection from years ago when Robert's wife had rented an apartment from Raymond Jr. before they were married.

The two Raymonds are the second and third generation of this family to run the Five Points Market and have been part of this community for a long time. It is interesting to see some of the old pictures on the wall. I didn't notice any of the usual Alabama and Auburn decor, but did see historic photos and flyers related to their business. They have a right to be proud to be continuing the family business and reopening the hot dog side that's been closed for years.

So, how are the dogs? We varied our usual order a little. We each had a hot do, then split a chili cheese dog and a special dog. They use their own sauce that is similar to other hot dog sauces yet different due to their unique mix of spices. They serve good basic hot dog stand fare, better than many and bigger than many. If you want some good hot dogs and find yourself in the area, this is your place, and there's plenty of parking.

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