Wednesday, February 6, 2013

JoJo's Diner Again

You may remember our recent visit to JoJo's Diner in Homewood. The day we made that first visit Zelda was telling us about the slaw dog and explaining why they couldn't serve it that day. As she described their Lebanese slaw as vinegary, kind of sour with spices. We kept thinking about those slaw dogs and decided to go back in hopes of getting to try one.

On that second visit Robert and I were greeted with the news that not only could we get slaw dogs but we could also try a new dog recently added to the menu, a Reuben dog. Kind of makes you pause and think a little doesn't it? The Reuben dog is a hot dog topped with Swiss cheese, corned beef and kraut. On our previous visit Joe and Zelda had told us about how they were working on a recipe for this unique dog. So we were faced with wanting to try several different dogs. We both hoped to try a slaw dog and the previously untried by us chili dog. Then we also wanted to try the new Reuben dog. 

So faced with a choice, we finally each ordered a Reuben dog and ordered a chili dog and slaw dog to split between us and an order of the seasoned fries. That way we each got to have two full dogs but try three different ones. These are all memorable hot dogs. The slaw dog is the first slaw dog that I have ever really liked. The sour slaw is a much better topping than sweetened slaw. In fact I liked it so much that a few days later I was in the area and stopped for another. On that third visit Zelda told me how several customers had come in after reading about JoJo's on this blog. It's nice to know that it is read on occasion.

Pictured below are a Broadway dog and a slaw dog from my third visit.

The chili dog at JoJo's is topped with their own unique chili. Joe told us how he starts with bacon, then adds his own sausage and chunks of beef brisket. This ends up being the chunkiest, beefiest, meatiest chili you will find in a perfectly seasoned base. It's a chili dog unlike any that I have previously encountered.

Then almost lost between these was the Reuben dog. It has all the flavors of a Reuben sandwich on a hot dog. I thought it was better with the addition of some mustard; but I usually add mustard to a Reuben when I have one. I think Joe is on to something here. I wouldn't be surprised to find some other places trying to do this.
 Pictured below are a chili dog and Reuben dog from my second visit.

Finally, below is a poor picture of some of Zelda's "cake pops" proudly displayed up front. So far I haven't tried one of these, but the sure look sweet, tasty and not too big. Probably a perfect desert after eating a more restrained order than I tend to have.

I'll give two warnings. First, the place is small. There are 4 stools at the counter and four tables. Two of those tables only seat 2 people. So there is a grand total of indoor seating capacity of 16 people and out front an old church pew and couple of small tables. That looks like a nice place to eat on the right day. The other warning, if you get a dog be prepared for a little mess as you eat. These dogs are topped with juicy sauces and can get a little messy; but it's worth the mess. All in all I find that JoJo's will be highly recommended by me. I notice a word that keeps coming to me as I talk and write about JoJo's. That word is "unique". This place is unique and has some unique dogs and remains worth a trip.

There is also a nice story about JoJo's in the February 2013 issue of the Homewood Star. This seems to be a monthly local newspaper focused on Homewood. It's a good article, take a look. The whole February issue is Here.