Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scott's Koneys

The next stop on the hot dog tour was Scott's Koneys on Southside. Scott's is located in the food-court on the ground level of the parking deck just behind the building previously occupied by Liberty National.

WOW what a place!! The dining area is huge, They can seat a cast of hundreds. But how is the food? Robert and I each ordered our usual introductory order of a hot dog and a chili dog; we found ourselves quite satisfied with the offering.

One of our usual issues is the quality of the chili. Well, Scott's takes great pride in their chilli, appropriately so. The chili dog is wonderful. We actually had the pleasure of having Scott himself join us at our table for lunch. This was a great experience for us both. I must give credit to Robert for making this happen. He is much more gifted in people skills than I am.

Scott shared with us how he had first opened a hot dog stand a couple of blocks from this location in 1977. He also started Marilyn's over close to the Alabama Power building and later sold it to Marilyn. Scott is admittedly not doing well after Liberty National has abandoned their building on 20th street. He is very thankful for some corporate customers who continue to cater functions where they require THOUSANDS of hot dogs at a time. Scott is hopeful that the Liberty National building will be otherwise occupied or even demolished to rebuild. Think about it... construction guys eating lunch at Scott's.

Scott has been in business on the Southside of Birmingham since 1977. He has a great product and enjoys the business. I really hope he can survive in this less than desirable location.... not just survive, but THRIVE as he sees his immediate area transformed.

About the food; It is good, the chili on the chili dog is real chili.In fact their chili is a great point of pride for them. They offer a chili salad as well as bowls of chili which are great sellers during cooler weather. It's not hard to determine that Scott likes his business and hopes to be in it for years to come.
Look, He has our local chip as well as a well filled dog!
Bottom line: give Scott's a try, You won't be disappointed.

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