Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Eight Going to the TOP

A few days ago we were keeping three grandchildren for a few days. I had planned on taking them out for hot dogs one day for lunch and one thing started leading to another. Before long my wife, a daughter, and I were taking those three along with two more from another family to have lunch at TipTop Grill. So here we went, three adults and five kids aged from one to fourteen.


I have always liked going to Tip Top Grill. They are located on the bluff in Bluff Park in a recycled gas station. Whenever I eat here, the view and breeze give me a sense of going on a vacation. I think it’s an unusual environment that makes it a fun place to eat. Tip Top has lots of seating outside along the bluff, on the deck, or under the canopy in front. This day was a little overcast and we actually saw a little rain so we opted to eat in the dining room which I had never done before. The dining room is small but it can seat more people than I first thought when I saw it.

With kids almost every order is special due to their likes, dislikes, and lack of a fully developed appreciation for good food. So everybody got their order as correctly as we could communicate it. 

First thing I heard as we were sitting down was the six year old redheaded granddaughter announce that there is a fantastic view. I agreed. So we distributed the food and had a good time eating together and socializing with other customers. No bashful kids here. 

 Then as we were close to finishing up, in walked a long-time friend who was just stopping in for lunch. In my last post I talked about Jack joining me for lunch and now another friend named Jack walked in. This Jack and I have joked about what we might be able to pull off together. I agree with the comments Jack has heard for years, that he looks like Robin Williams; and I have been told how I look like Steven Spielberg, even by some who have met him. But we didn’t attempt any role-playing, we just ate and had a good time together.

 How was the food? I heard no complaints and I think if anything it is better than on previous visits. I liked it so much that I bought the tee-shirt. To eat we had hot dogs with a variety of toppings, chili dogs, chili cheese dogs, and slaw dogs. We even had one cheeseburger which was pronounced as great. A good time was had by all.

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