Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sneaky's by the Brook

I had spent the better part of the day working with a friend on a project and left his office around 2:00 ready to eat. The nearest hot dog place was Sneaky Pete's in Mountain Brook Village so that became my destination.

The old-timers may remember Britling's cafeterias in Birmingham. Britlings was a chain in Birmingham and other cities. Many years ago there was a Britling's Cafeteria located very near the location of this Sneaky Pete's which they labeled "Britling's by the Brook". So in my strange mental gymnastics this Sneaky Pete's has become "Sneaky's by the Brook".

Let's get on with the visit. This Sneaky Pete's doesn't appear to be owner operated but has always served good hot dogs. I've been there before on several occasions. I'm not a "Brookie" but pass through there often. They do have the recipe down pat. The presentation leaves a little to be desired but after all, they are just hot dogs. I ordered my usual order for an "official visit"; a hot dog, chili cheese dog, chips and drink. I was quickly served and went to one of the many less than clean tables to eat. I immediately noticed that the toppings on the chili cheese dog were a little skewed toward one end. I remedied this using a chip and started eating. When their hot dogs are done right they are good, and these were. My only complaint would be that I prefer real 100% cheese rather than "nacho cheese" (yellow sticky melted cheese flavored food product).

Eating at Sneaky's by the Brook is an interesting experience, somewhat like eating at Pete's Famous. You will see a real cross section of society stopping in for a quick dog. Not everybody will admit it but hot dogs have an appeal that crosses all kinds of boundaries. Actually I have noticed how easily conversations can start up between customers in a hot dog place. This has happened for us numerous times.

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