Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bama Fans and Lyric Again

Today I made a return visit to Lyric Hot Dogs downtown. I had a great excuse since I was the driver for an excursion to the Mcwane Center for the entertainment of two of my grandsons. Lyric, being just a block away was the logical choice for lunch. Of course I don't really need an excuse to go back to Lyric since it ranks as one of my all time favorites.

The guys were decked out in their Bama shirts in honor of a big game day. Then, as we walked over to Lyric we saw the rig shown here parked at the curb. I've seen motorcycles with sidecars but never a scooter. This one was even more spectacular due to being prominently decorated by a Bama supporter. We had to stop and gawk and take some pictures. I must say this is one of the most unique rides I have seen.

We finally arrived at Lyric. The orders were a little different from our usual hot dog excursions. I decided to branch out and try a chili cheese burger along with a corn dog. One of the boys had a cheese burger and the other had a grilled cheese. Their mother had a cheese burger. The guys were hungry; so when they saw my corn dog they decided they also needed one.

We were all well fed with very little waste even for the little guys. The smaller one (Luke) is very serious about eating.

I enjoyed the chili cheese burger and corn dog. I like all these offerings and found the burger to be a good alternative to the usual hot dogs. The corn dogs are bought frozen just like everybody else's. Even so, Lyric continues to be a great place to eat downtown.

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  1. A fun outing and some cute pictures! I'm going to show my boys the scooter and sidecar; they'll be impressed even if it is decked out Bama-style.