Sunday, July 18, 2010

Max's - An Unexpected Visit

A special welcome to Charlie S. who said he would be reading the blog.

This past week we responded to an ad that was unexpected by us. Actually neither the brother nor I received this ad-via-email, but a close friend forwarded it to me knowing of my interest in hot dogs. The ad (reproduced below) told of their participation in "National Hot Dog Month" and how they are making a special offer this month. The customer can "see double" by ordering one hot dog and getting two for the same price.
Max's Delicatessen

National Hotdog Month2010
So this week we visited Max's Delicatessen located at the Colonnade. Max's is definately not a hot dog stand but since they are embracing "National Hot Dog Month" that was enough reason to go. Also it didn't hurt that it was an easy drive from our work.

We looked at the menu and confirmed with the waitress that the hot dogs at Max's are all of the Jumbo size, so given the special offer we ordered one (with a free second included) chili cheese dog. It comes with a side of fries. We added a second order of fries and our drinks, so by the end of the meal had been well fed. Max's is an up-scale deli that presents itself as a New York style eatery, yet somehow seems more like Mountain Brook than Manhattan. There are various New York photos on the walls as well as other illusions to New York. New York is fine but I like the south and Mountain Brook, while it can be expensive, can also be comfortable. Fortunately there weren't any screaming insane Yankees, and the servers seemed to understand that they were there to serve rather than simply collect tips.

Some of the things we liked were:
* The chili cheese dog (JUMBO) was good!
* We were able to dip our fries in ketchup and steak sauce.

* The menu includes several different varieties of hot dogs that look very interesting. We are both considering a return visit during "National Hot Dog Month".

This an up-scale deli with prices based accordingly. This makes the prices a little higher than we usually see on our hot dog tour.

There was a couple, of the geezer persuasion, who were seated at the next table. The woman felt she needed to tell us we were "cowards", I assume because we didn't each order the two for one deal. This actually helped with the whole New York atmosphere. We, like cultured southerners, totally ignored the comment and enjoyed ourselves unlike New Yorkers who would probably have engaged in a verbal duel.

My advice regarding Max's; give it a try. Maybe a hot dog lover can get his fix while his companions eat their deli fare.

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