Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sneaky Pete's in Hoover - The Owner Operator

This week after a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday we decided to make our first visit to the major chain of hot dog stands in town, Sneaky Pete's. We have admittedly avoided Sneaky Pete's in order to first visit many of the independents. Our first visit to the chain was to the Hoover location at 1550 Montgomery Highway, Hoover, AL. For those who haven't memorized street addresses for the city, this is in the shopping center just south of the intersection of I-65 and US-31 at the foot of Shades Mountain, just south of Vestavia.

Through the years I have been to many Sneaky Pete's locations on many occasions. The quality is somewhat inconsistent from location to location, but the product is generally good. On this visit to this location we discovered an owner operated franchise location run by Barry and Patty Marsh. Bary and Patty obviously take pride in their restaurant; they keep it clean and sell quality food.

Bottom line, this is one of the best Sneaky Pete's locations one can visit.

Somehow this outing grew to include quite a group. We had an entourage of six when we placed our order. Robert and I have this illusion that we keep out presence low key.... but this is blown when we start taking pictures. Maybe we should always try to take a big group so they are so busy filling our orders we don't get any attention. Nevertheless as we were leaving today, as we usually do we made our introductions and explained what we were doing. Barry was all smiles and welcomed our attention. That's what you get when the management is the owner, they know they are doing a good job.

Among the group we ordered a variety of hot dogs, but I heard no complaints. At my table I observed a foot-long hot dog, cheese fries, a special dog and of course a chili dog and regular hot dog all the way. This visit was enjoyed by all despite placing our lives in peril by riding with Huggy Bear.

A while back I suggested a "hot dog diet". My logic was that ones stomach couldn't handle a steady diet of hot dogs and one would eventually be forced to eat less. Sneaky Pete's urges one to visit "Morning, Noon & Night. Based on the experience at this location I have my doubts that my diet would work; this food is just too good.

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