Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yaya's and How Southern Can You Get?

Robert's daughter was home for a few days from Hawaii where she now lives and works as a journalist. Perhaps you, like me, have heard some Southerners pronounce the state of her abode as Ah-Wah-Ya. I'm tempted to attempt a reply; "fine, howa you?" Don't we live in a great place? Everybody else in the world seem to have accents but not around here.

So on this visit there was an effort made to help her remember her southern roots. There is no better place to do that than at YaYa's, the trailer parked next to the Pit Stop gas station between Alabaster and Montevallo. It is the home of the "almost world famous Qdawg." If you didn't read about our previous visits there take a look. This place is a one-of-a-kind. Here.

Robert wrote to me:
Whilst Katherine was here, I needed to take her on a true southern lunch experience. No better place than YaYa. The table is painted half Auburn colors with Auburn logo and half Alabama colors with Alabama logo. In the photo are a QDawg, a Nacho QDawg, an apple pie (in wrapper) and a cup of sweet tea. Katherine loved it. She enjoyed YaYa, (the owner) too.

The Q-dog is a hot dog topped with a generous portion of pork bar BQ and sauce. This is good stuff! Also on the menu is a nacho dog and a nacho Qdawg. His picture shows a Qdawg and a Nacho Qdawg. YaYa warns that this is difficult to eat without making a mess, but many customers like 'em. Also peeking out of the wrapper is a fried pie. They are rumored to be outstanding but I've never felt like having one after the dawgs. By the way, what is a good name for cheese that doesn't belong to you? Nacho cheese, of course.

YaYa's continues to be a great destination. The owner, who calls himself YaYa, is a delight to interact with.

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