Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sam's Super Samwichs

Yes, that's right, we finally went to Sam's Super Samwichs in Homewood. I have intentionally moved Sam's down the list so we would visit other places first. For many years my office was very close to Sam's and I became a regular customer. I have always considered one of the best hot dog stands I know of.

On this visit we had an entourage of four. We went for an early lunch which is a switch from our usual late lunch. When we arrived Sam didn't seem to be around. We later found that he was in the back working on some sauce. I enjoyed a short conversation with him before we left. I'm sure the reader remembers my previous posting regarding the Graphos family. Sam's was started and is still run by Sam Graphos, one of the three Graphos brothers.

His heritage in the hot dog business has translated into a top drawer product.

Robert and I each ordered our usual hot dog and chili dog, both "all the way" along with chips and a drink. We both added red pepper from one of the shakers on the counters. We ordered Golden Flake chips (We like to support the local company) and a drink. Here came the source of my one complaint for this visit. I ordered a Coca Cola but immediately realized that Sam's doesn't carry Coca Cole products, BOO HISS. I tried to get the attention of the old geezer who was preparing drinks so as to change my order but he dutifully gave me a Pepsi. I didn't think it was worth making an issue over so I took the Pepsi. As I consumed it I renewed my conviction that I really don't care for Pepsi.

Other than that we had a great meal. I continue to love the chili dogs at Sam's. My opinion is that they are perfect. You will never go wrong at Sam's.


  1. Oh you are so right. There is not a better dog in America. I have had at least a thousand since I"ve known Sue and Sam. I'm surprised you found Sam anywhere but on the golf course! :)

  2. Never visit Birmingham without a trip to Sammy's. These pictures make me wish I'd be there tomorrow!