Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Hotdog Tour?

Birmingham Alabama has a wealth of sources for hot dogs, a food I have never tired of. A couple of years ago I had the thought that I would like to take some new Birmingham residents and visitors to visit all of my favorite hot dog stands. When I thought through a list of favorites other choices kept coming to mind. I also realized that I was developing my list from limited information. There were many hot dog stands that I had never been to. That was when I first thought of visiting all the hot dog restaurants in Birmingham (or as many as possible). I started trying to generate a list of hot dog stands to visit by using online resources and the current phone book (The real one).

I started pondering the development of a list and some less likely names started coming to mind. For example, Klingler’s is a German restaurant in Vestavia Hills. Mrs. Klingler probably would not like having her restaurant included in a list of hot dog stands or restaurants. Hot dogs by that name do not appear on the menu, but they serve what in my opinion is an outstanding hot dog platter. This is a real gourmet hot dog if there ever was one. Another name I wanted to include is Full Moon Bar B Q, certainly not a hot dog stand; but their “moondog” was a great discovery a few years ago. I also became aware of some other restaurants that are not hot dog stands but are reported to serve very good hot dogs. I quickly concluded that I couldn’t limit myself to traditional hot dog stands; but needed to include some of the other restaurants where an effort has been made to regularly serve a hot dog they are proud of.

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