Tuesday, September 21, 2010

THE Hot Dog Blog

There is a guy I work with who just discovered that this blog exists. Everybody else in my office knows about it but somehow he has missed out. I must wonder where he has been the last few months. Of course he can't be bothered with actually reading the blog so he came to my door and asked; "Where would I get the best hot dog?" Rather than one single stand I gave him a short list of my favorites.

This made me start thinking about favorites and started a dialogue with Robert about our favorites. We discovered that we are not totally on the same page here and particularly don't remember as much as we would like about every visit. So we have made two decisions. First we are going to revisit a few places and second I have generated an evaluation questionnaire we are going to start using on all our visits. As we talked we discovered that on our recent visit to Sam's which was an "early lunch" Robert had been snacking during the morning and as a result was not particularly ready for lunch and accordingly not especially impressed. We will endeavor to keep that from happening again.

I will not rank my current list of favorites. I think they are all so close that any one could be the top on any given day. They are in alphabetical order:
Chris Z's
Full Moon Bar BQ
Jimmy's (Owned now by Chris of Chris Z's)
Lyric Hot Dogs
Sam's Super Samwichs
Scott's Koneys

This list could very possibly change but for now it's good.

One more item; I have not found ANYONE who has ever clicked the link on the left side of this blog to a "must see video". If you are interested in the history of hot dogs in Birmingham you have missed something good. This video was done by the "Southern Foodways Alliance" associated with Ole' Miss. Their purpose is to preserve, promote, and chronicle the culinary standards of the South.
The video is HERE. They also have some other interesting videos on this same video hosting site.
Their web site telling more about what they are doing is: Here.

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