Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Couple of Updates

I just recently got a few pictures from "hot dog day" back in May. I have added them to the post about that day. You might want to take a look back at that post, Here.

Now, the last post was about our visit to Gus' Hot Dogs in Irondale. I commented that I would like to return and order a chili dog and a special dog just to compare the two. This week my schedule put me in the area of Gus' when I was ready for a late lunch. So, of course I went in for a return visit. I must just pause and say; "I like this place".

I ordered both a chili dog and a "special dog" so I could make the comparison. There is definitely a difference. The "special dog" has a beef topping that is much less spicy than the chili dog; it tastes more like the beef topping that was served at Pete's Famous Hot Dogs. It's a plain beef and onion mix with few spices. I must say that it is much thicker than the beef topping that Gus served at Pete's, it has real body. It isn't a runny/soupy half liquid poured on top of a hotdog. I think John has gotten it right with his thick meaty consistency.

Take a look at the picture; the dog in the foreground is the chili dog and the one in the rear is the special dog. The chili dog still doesn't taste like chili one would eat in a bowl, but it's good. After making the comparison I like the chili dog more, but you might want to order one of each like I did and make your own comparison. Those who miss the special dogs at Pete's will find a similar flavor with more substance.

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