Wednesday, December 7, 2011

YaYa's Yet Again

I know there are a few folks who occasionally read this blog, Please forgive me for the lack of new posts during the last couple of months. It sure hasn't been because I didn't want to get back to hot dogs again. We have a couple of good excuses. One is the busy nature of our lives. We both work in northern Shelby County which makes some of our lunchtime hot dog excursions turn into a very long lunch time. The other reason is that both Robert and I decided we needed to loose weight. My decision was in part due to some input from my doctor.

The good news is that I have reached my weight goal after loosing about 20 pounds and Robert is closing in on his goal. So,hot dogs, in moderation, will become more common lunchtime fare.

Even so, I recently attended an all day meeting in the southern Alabaster area and needed a good protein lunch. I opted for one of the more unusual hot dog purveyors in our area, YaYa's. On our first visit, the owner, Tracy Hale, told us that YaYa's is the home of the "almost world famous Q-dog. The Q-dog is a hot dog topped with a generous portion of bar BQ.

Tracy continues to be one of the friendliest and most out going businessmen I have ever met. And the Q-dog continues to be a great and unique product. I limited myself to only one since I was dieting and skipped my usual coke as well. Actually it might be a while before I have a coke again since I want to keep the weight off. I did take home one of his outstanding fried pies for my wife to have that night; and it made it home intact. Caroline didn't know if she would like a fried pie filled with banana pudding, but later told me it was really good. (They also have more traditional fillings).

That Tuesday, down on 119 between Alabaster and Montevallo, at the trailer parked next to the Pit Stop gas station, I really enjoyed my lunch. YaYas always seems to have a steady stream of regular customers and occasional first timers who are all treated like friends by Tracy and his wife.

I still want to go by some weekend and pick up some of the ribs he does each Saturday. If they are anything like the Q-dogs they have to be good.

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